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When Boris Prilutsky arrived to the United States over 20 years ago, he was surprised to notice that dangerous effects of stress weren’t emphasized enough and the role of stress management massage was undermined.

It was especially surprising, considering that in the United States great scientific efforts were directed toward the discoveries of stress management effects to the human health.  Starting as early as the beginning of the 19th century and on, great research was done in regards to the fight-or-flight response, progressive relaxation, autogenic training, physiological responses to stress, negative effects of stress on headaches, ulcerative colitis, psychosomatic diseases, the digestive system, cancer, in the area of stress and coping/hassles and many others.

Throughout his practice in the United States Boris put much efforts popularizing stress management massage his articles and videos such as these ones…

Massage Therapy for Stress Management

Stress management by Physical activities vs. Massage Therapy/

The role of Medical Massage in improvement of sexual satisfaction

The more joyful it was for to see that nowadays the negative effects of stress are given more and more emphasis.  The following article from could serve as a good example of the interest to stress management.

What really happens in a massage

The article presented above outlines general benefits of massage in relation to stress management.  It goes over effects of massage on the level of neurotransmitters such as dopamine and serotonin and decrease of the levels of vasopressin, a hormone that is believed to play a role in aggressive behavior, reduction of tension in muscles, improvements in immune system, decrease in blood pressure and general improvement in well-being.  Also it is important to note that a medical doctor included testimony about health benefits.

However, we believe there is a considerable gap between the knowledge developed by the scientific community and the know- how available to the general public and even to health care professionals.  The general public as well as healthcare professionals must know more details in regards to the dangerous side effects of stress, as well as about healing power of massage therapy.  Again, the article is great, but in my view, it didn’t include enough details, so people can understand the importance of receiving massage therapy constantly, on at least, a weekly basis.

We surmise that if massage could somehow be utilized by pharmaceutical companies, we’d see it being greatly emphasized and promoted as it is done with off- the-shelf pain killers, sleep medicine, anti-inflammatory drugs, that general population consuming constantly in great quantities.

Yet, do off-the- shelf or prescribed drugs address the negative effect of stress and offer stress management? No. At the same time we know for sure about side effects of these medications, including negative effects for kidneys, liver, stomach, etc.  Incidentally, no one distributes these medications for free.  Massage therapy nowadays is not a luxury but a necessity. Below is the link to the video, where using anatomical map, Boris is explaining the effect that stress imposes on the human body.

In this short article below, he provides details on the relations between stress and the development of significant illnesses.

We also strongly believe in order to provide solid stress management platform, in between receiving stress management massage therapy once a week, one must support him/herself by implementing self-massage protocols. For more details and free self-massage  lessons you’re welcome to visit

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Also there are some reports that by simply viewing massage performance one can receive the benefits, contributing to stress management. You’re welcome to view full body medical stress management massage

Full Body Stress management Massage


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