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How do you obtain credits?

For the best results, please read the literature, take notes and watch the video material carefully. We suggest you observe the hands-on demonstration at least three times as the detailed explanation will allow you to learn the material to the extent of successfully implementing these techniques to pass the test.

The test is a multiple-choice questionnaire. Please note, that detailed explanations within instructional video, as well as the support materials, actually contain answers to the test questions.

Watch the instructional video at your leisure, practice your new skills with friends or clients, then complete(this should be changed to and send) I mean just think out sent maybe to explain how they will use computer to take text .I don't know) and this also shouldn't be” your exam and three client treatment evolution forms back to us in an envelope supplied by us.” Please explain to them the have to submit online test and other papers , including and not limited program evaluation etc. There is no limit of times to retake the test within the 6 months time frame. This :”You will be notified by mail or e-mail of your test results within 10 working days.” Also shouldn't be there. We are doing all online.

Thank you and good luck.

Boris Prilutsky is approved by The National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage & Bodywork (NCBTMB) as a continuing education approved provider.

CEU Volumes Programs Self Treatment Programs Instructional Massage Programs
Beyond couples full body medical stress management massage - Volume #16

Professional massage therapists, after reviewing the program, can begin applying it to clients and eventually start teaching the general public.

1 hrs
Price: $49.95  
Lower Back Disorders - CEU Volume #1

Lower Back Disorders; Disc Herniation, Lumbalgia, Sciatic Nerve Neuralgia, Post-Isometric Relaxation & Back Rehabilitative Exercises.

1 hrs 20 min
10 Credit Hours
Price: $70.00  
Hypertension, Dizziness, Headaches - CEU Volume #2

Hypertension, Dizziness, Headaches, & Worsening of Vision (secondary to Vertebral Artery Syndrome) Greater Occipital Neuralgia, Neck Rehabilitative Exercises.

2 hrs
14 Credit Hours
Price: $98.00  
Fibromyalgia, Full-Body Medical Massage - CEU Volume #3

Fibromyalgia, Full-Body Medical Massage, Pregnancy Massage, Acupressure for Tension Headaches, Rehabilitative Exercise Programs.

2 hrs 30 min
17 Credit Hours
Price: $119.00  
European Cranio-Sacral Therapy - CEU Volume #4

European Cranio-Sacral Therapy, Thoracic Outlet Syndrome, Rotator Cuff Syndrome, Frozen Shoulder, Tennis/Golf Elbow, Carpal Tunnel Syndrome.

2 hrs
18 Credit Hours
Price: $126.00  
Detoxification Lymphatic Drainage - CEU Volume #5

Detoxification Lymphatic Drainage, Bronchial Drainage in Asthma & Bronchitis Post-Event Sports Rehabilitative Full-Body Massage.

2 hrs
15.5 Credit Hours
Price: $108.50  
On-Site Office Massage Therapy Program - CEU Volume #6

On-Site Office Massage Therapy Program: Chair Massage on silk, Chair Massage techniques in sitting position with no massage chair.

1 hrs 45 min
13 Credit Hours
Price: $91.00  
Post-event Sports Rehabilitative massage - CEU Volume #7

Post-event Sports Rehabilitative massage therapy (Advanced, full-body, deep kneading techniques), Stretching techniques in most regions.

3 hrs 5 min
22 Credit Hours
Price: $154.00  
Massage therapy for cellulite reduction - CEU Volume #8

Massage therapy for cellulite reduction, Chinese cupping techniques, Medical massage in cases of Temporomandibular joint (TMJ) disorders.

1 hrs 38 min
11 Credit Hours
Price: $77.00  
Medical massage in peripheral vascular diseases - CEU Volume #9

Medical massage in peripheral vascular diseases, hip disorders, tensor fasciae latae muscle syndrome, greater trochanter disorders, knee disorders, Achilles.

1 hrs 45 min
17 Credit Hours
Price: $119.00  
Practical approach to physiology - Volume #10

Science of massage and energy work, Physiological effect of massage, Pathologies and energy work.

1 hrs 30 min
12 Credit Hours
Price: $84.00  
Incorporation of Hot Stone massage - CEU Volume #11

Incorporation of Hot Stone massage in full-body stress management massage, Thoracic outlet syndrome, Rotator cuff syndrome/frozen shoulder cases, Tennis/golf.

1 hrs 45 min
12 Credit Hours
Price: $84.00  
Trigger Point Therapy - CEU Volume #12

Trigger Point Therapy, Myofascial Alliance Release, Stress Management Aspects, Deep Tissue Mobilization, Frozen Shoulder.

4 hrs
12 Credit Hours
Price: $84.00  
Medical/Orthopedic Massage Physical Therapy Aide Chiropractor Assistance Home Program - Volume #13

Medical orthopedic massage/physical therapy aide/chiropractor assistant program Part1 CEU.

3 hrs 52 min
30 Credit Hours
Price: $210.00  
Prilutsky`s Method of Silicone Jar Massage. Upper & Lower Back Disorders - Volume #14

Thoracic outlet syndrome, Rotator cuff /frozen shoulder, tennis/golf elbow, Carpal tunnel.

2 hrs 25 min
Price: $105.00  
Post-Concussion Rehabilitation Protocol - Volume #15

The History of Protocol Development, Drainage of cerebral spinal fluid, Acupressure.

2 hrs 25 min
Price: $105.00  
Shoulder Injuries - Self-Volume #2

1 hrs 38 min
Price: $35.00  
Pre-Event Warm up - Self-Volume #7

2 hrs 23 min
Price: $35.00  
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