Simple Approach To Medical and Sports Massage

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Dear Friends,

I am happy to announce that the Part 1 of my book “Simple Approach To Medical and Sports Massage” is now available. In this book I share my experiences and philosophical approaches. Additionally, I give a detailed explanation of the mechanism and physiological effect of massage on the human body and how to protect yourself from a clients negative energy influence. Also, with the help of pictures and detailed explanations I propose an effective protocol and techniques for Full Body Stress Management Massage.

These techniques are different than Swedish massage techniques and can be combined with techniques you already know. In addition, in this book I cover 12 different very important kneading (Petrissage) techniques. With the help of detailed pictures and explanations, I am teaching how and on which part of the body to apply these kneading (Petrissage) techniques.

In this book, in a very straightforward way, I introduce scientific data about how stress leads people to developments of hypertension, heart diseases, clinical depression, diabetes type2, anxieties, tension headaches and more. In my book you’ll also find scientifically valid information and explanation on why massage is the most powerful methodology for prevention and treatment of these social/ medical diseases that literally destroy lives of millions. As I stated previously by using 130 pictures accompanied with detailed explanation, I propose a step-by-step protocol on how to perform full body medical stress management massage.

You will also understand a simple but significant difference between stress management massage and relaxation massage. I hope that as much as it is possible I extent information on content of my book.

Thank you very much for your interest in my book.

Best wishes and regards.
Boris Prilutsky

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