12 Petrissage Techniques

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For effective massage fifty percent of it has to be spent on kneading. Medical Massage recognizes twelve kneading technique, where different petrissage techniques are referred to by numbers. For example if you are to study
Tensor Fasciae Latae Muscle Syndrome
the step #6 of its protocol calls for the usage of pertrissage #1, 2, 5, &/or 6.

If you are new to Medical Massage you have to know what each such reference means before you can study the protocol effectively.

Some of these petrissages have analogy in Swedish Massage. For example, in Swedish Massage Petrissage #1 is called “BigC/LittleC,” Petrissage #4 is called “Scoop and Shovel” and Petrissage #6 when “Scoop and Shovel” is performed with the fist. What Swedish Massage is called “Wringing” is a cross fiber movement and technically not petrissage. At the same time there are many petrissages that Medical Massage uses simply has no equivalent in Swedish Massage.

There are also some important differences, where for example, in Medical Massage thumb, because of its low physiological potential, only used as a barrier, while as in Swedish Massage it has a role all of its own.

More importantly, Swedish massage is more of a generalized term than the sequence of unified protocols and most of schools teach different things, while Medical Massage uses the same terminology throughout, and once you learn it you wouldn’t have to learn it again.

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