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Simple Approach To Medical and Sports Massage

In this book, in a very straightforward way, I introduce scientific data about how stress leads people to developments of hypertension, heart diseases, clinical depression, diabetes type2, anxieties, tension headaches and more. In my book you'll also find scientifically valid information and explanation on why massage is the most powerful methodology for prevention and treatment of these social/ medical diseases that literally destroy lives of millions. As I stated previously by using 130 pictures accompanied with detailed explanation, I propose a step-by-step protocol on how to perform full body medical stress management massage.


Medical massage is a unique publication. This book represents the Western view on medical massage and analyzes of its place in modern medicine. The book reveals a detailed description of different methods pertaining to medical massage treatment. This knowledge emerged in the beginning of the 20th century and has been accumulated within the medical communities of Germany, Russia, Austria, Poland, and other European countries. Each chapter of the book goes over the specifics of different types of medical massage. It explains how each type may be applied in cases of pathologies of the central nervous, the peripheral nervous and the musculoskeletal systems.


The Volume II of Medical Massage textbook is a unique source of professional information for everyone who practices medical massage. This book presents all major techniques and approaches developed by the Western school of physical medicine for the patients with variety of chronic disorders of inner organs. Each part of the book concentrates on a particular system of the human body. The reader will find information on anatomy and physiology of each discussed system, basic principles of diagnostic evaluation for soft tissues, pathology and a clinical picture of every major chronic disorder. However, the greatest value of the book is in the detailed presentation of the major methods and techniques of medical massage, which can be used to eliminate reflex zones abnormalities within somatic components by this addressing and improving ,chronic visceral disorders.


What is massage? Is it art, spiritual healing or part of modern medicine with a scientific approach to its therapeutic possibilities? The author offers a reader an opportunity to study and practice massage as a part of modern science. Inside this book, a reader will find comprehensive theoretical and practical information on this matter. Another valuable feature of this book is its representation of the modern view on the physiology of pain, the ?gate control? theory of pain, and rules of using a pain analyzing system to patient?s benefit. If it is necessary to activate pain receptors during the treatment, measures to control pain are discussed as well.

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