Volume #13

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This 30 credit hours DVD contains a hands-on demonstration and detailed explanation of techniques for lymphedema management, myofascial release techniques, trigger point therapy, five different types of Petrissage techniques, guidance for assessments, correct biomechanics training, rehabilitative exercise program, as well as an introduction to physical therapy equipment.

Boris covers and provides a detailed training of specifically designed protocols for a neck and upper back disorders, shoulder disorders, including frozen shoulder, lower back disorders, including sciatica, knee disorders.

Learning from this program, allowing you to advance your knowledge in orthopedic massage, to deliver rapid and sustained results, prepares you to work as an independent medical massage practitioner as well as to practice in medical offices, physical therapy offices, chiropractor offices.

Most importantly, rather than addressing symptoms, Boris teaches you how to address multiple causes that produce and fuel pain and dysfunctions. This approach will allow you to help people to get better quickly.

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