Technical steps for full body stress management massage – Upper Arm

1. Fold the arm to 45° in the elbow.
2. Position stance to be in line with the upper arm. Perform hand after hand effleurage.
3. Continue with hand after hand friction.
4.  Change position to stand with feet apart across the bicep muscle.
5.  Perform petrissage #1 on the biceps.
6.  Perform petrissage #2 on the biceps.
7.  Change position to stand in an opposite position across from the triceps muscle.
8.  Position fingers underneath the posterior of the upper arm near the elbow, and thumbs on the anterior. Squeeze the upper arm between thumbs and fingers, and perform petrissage #1 on the triceps.
9.  Perform petrissage #2 on the triceps.
10.  Perform guitar technique with both hands (one hand stationary in one place on the biceps, other hand moving up and down the triceps).
11.  Perform final effleurage.