Technical steps for full body stress management massage – Foot/Ankle

Technical steps for full body stress management massage – Foot/Ankle

1. Client position: Face up. Spread the lubrication effleurage manner over all areas of foot

2. At the nail bed, grasp each toe between fingers and thumbs and perform massage by squeezing along the toe under pressure, ending at the metatarsophalangeal joint. (perform 3-5 strokes for each toe) It is very important to start the full-body stress management massage session from the toes. Toes are the most distal parts of the body from the centers (brain and heart) and they are the very ends of the capillary network. Therefore, by massaging only the toes (activating bio feedback) we cause significant reduction of sympathetic activities, that clinically expressing in vazodelation, decrease of blood pressure, heart and respiratory rate, etc


3. Surrounding the foot with both hands as tightly as possible, squeeze down the foot, 3-5 strokes from the toes towards the ankle. Please be aware that all strokes are performed exclusively towards the heart and dragging the hands back to the start position is not appropriate.


4. With one hand, support the lateral side of foot. With the thenar area of other hand, massage in-soles/arch area of foot 3-5 strokes from just under the ball of the foot down towards the table.

5. While compressing the tendon channels between fingers and thumbs, applying pressure, massage each channel 3-5 times (towards the ankle). Full Body Massage 010 6. With the tips of fingers, applying pressure, massage around the malleolus (ankle bone) 3-5 times