Technical steps for full body stress management massage – Calf

1. Spread the lotion in a hand after hand effleurage manner on all areas of calf (3-5 strokes).
2. While tightly surrounding the shin apply consecutive hand after hand motions. Repeat the movement 3 to 5 times.
3. Keeping wrists and arms extended, apply pressure with the dorsal part of the fingers in a hand after hand manner (back of the fingers Friction) 3-5 strokes. (Make sure to massage the proximal, middle, and lateral portions of the calf).
4.  Place the left hand on top of the flat right hand. Perform ironing Friction beginning with the lane closest to you for 3-5 strokes before moving to the next lane.
5.  Stand with feet apart in front of the chest. In a “hand after hand manner”, comb the left intercostal side from lateral to medial.
6.  Perform petrissage #1 on all areas of the calf. 7.  Perform petrissage #2 on all areas of the calf.
8.   Return to initial position stance (next to client’s torso) and perform the final effleurage.
9.   Perform guitar technique on the inner portion of the calf muscle. 10.   Effleurage.