Self-lymphatic drainage detoxification Technique

In these clips Boris leads you through the self-lymphatic drainage detoxification session. The importance of techniques that Boris demonstrates is hard to overestimate. Our body produces metabolic toxins 24/7. The lymphatic system is the only system in our body that is designed for sanitizing or disposal of these toxins from body and doing it also 24/7.

However, due to not clean air, water, stress and engineered food and bad posture, nowadays our lymphatic system can’t handle all the metabolic waste. As a result we accumulate toxins in our body, which poisoning us, causing muscular aches, clinical depression like symptoms, and most importantly, shutting down acquired immune system.

As innocent and easy as these techniques looks, they cause significant increase in toxins drainage to the blood circulation. In case if you will start to experience lightheaded, nausea, headaches please stop to perform techniques. This is positive reaction and evidence that you accumulated a lot of toxins in your body and remove some significant quantities out of your body. Please repeat the procedure the next days in the same sequence. With each time you will be able to perform these techniques longer because to the certain degree you already detoxified yourself.

Please also be aware that despite many false claims no method, other than manual acceleration of lymphatic drainage, will cause detoxification.

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