European Cranio-Sacral Therapy - CEU Volume #4

European Cranio-Sacral Therapy - CEU Volume #4

European Cranio-Sacral Therapy - Volume #4

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Speaking about the power of medical massage, it is safe to assert that in certain exceedingly challenging cases involving disabling patients, conventional medicine finds itself powerless. This leaves individuals in a state of perpetual suffering, dependent on the continuous consumption of potent medications, among other difficulties. The question arises: why do we, in some instances, succeed where conventional medicine falls short?

To unravel this mystery, let us first meticulously examine the case presentations provided by patient.. Subsequently, I will offer explanations and delve into the protocols I have successfully employed to address these challenging cases.

Oct 26, 2023

I have been suffering from a very unusual pain seizure since I was injured in an accident in August 2019. After several doctors, I found a cervical spine surgeon that was able to stabilize my spine by fusing two vertebrae together and installing 2 metallic joint replacements and I was ok from my major symptoms; but these pain seisures made no sense to my surgeon, when I complained about these symptoms he simply shrugged his shoulders and said "it is out of my hands".

I went to another spine surgeon and spine pain clinic to try to diagnose what is happening that is crippling me for up to 15 minutes an incident. The pain starts in my neck and extends up to my head, down my shoulder, into the side of my body and down my arms into my hands. My hands go numb and I get a severe pain that feels like someone hit my wrist with a ball peen hammer. I end up hunched over and in severe pain. The new spine surgeon and pain clinic also did a battery of tests including nerve conductivity, MRIs, and when they threw their hands up they asked me to see a cardiologist to "at least eliminate the chance of a heart problem". So despite having the best doctors that good insurance can buy you I was still getting these seizures and very sad that no one could at least tell me what was happening to me.

I have a neurologist that I have been seeing for migraine headache. I was on a routine visit to see him and mentioned my pain seizures. He said he could not diagnose this problem without additional nerve testing, but until I could have these tests done he recommended Boris Prelutsky, as he himself had very severe muscle pain that prevented him from working at times, and Boris was able to stabilize him and allow him to keep to his very busy schedule. He gave Boris his highest recommendation, so I of course immediately made an appointment to see Boris.

My first visit was amazing, Boris was able to tell me that the problem was with a major nerve that was stretched in several areas, and that with treatment, that he could stabilize me and relieve me of this pain. I have had three treatments and I get better with every session. Boris uses a combination of massage, pinching, stretching and ice and is able to identify every point of pain that I have from my head all the way down to my hand and waist. He identified what my illness was where no other doctor could and was able to help stabilize me and relax all of the pain points. Boris was able to do this without a series of expensive MRIs, Xrays and painful nerve studies; he did this just with his skilled hands and the years of experience that he brings to every treatment session. I highly recommend Boris, he told me what was wrong with me where no one else could and I feel better after every treatment session

Paul L.
Glendale, CA

Dear colleagues, what was the reason that all this doctors have had no answer” about these symptoms he simply shrugged his shoulders and said "it is out of my hands".
To shed more light on the significant advantages offered by medical massage, particularly in diagnostic assessment and treatment planning.

Traditional diagnostic tools such as CTs MRI, while invaluable in many respects, have limitations when it comes to detecting tension buildups within muscles and fascia. Myofascial syndromes, which can lead to disabilities and persistent suffering, are often challenging to identify through standard medical imaging. In cases where MRI findings do not align with clinical phenomena, patients may receive prescriptions for steroids, no steroids anti-inflammatories, painkillers, or gabapentin. However, sustained results through medication alone can be elusive in myofascial syndromes. Through my training and teaching experiences, I have honed the ability to examine soft tissues with my fingers, detecting abnormalities and utilizing specially designed massage techniques to address them effectively.

Another scenario involves instances where MRI findings suggest conditions like sciatic nerve neuralgia resulting from disc herniation, leading to surgical recommendations. By palpating and detecting tension buildups within muscles such as the Piriformis, I have been able to develop and implement a specially designed protocol, preventing unnecessary surgeries.

Just for the record, this patient has been suffering since 2019. Naturally, my first step was to carefully listen to the patient's case presentation. Before conducting palpation and soft tissue examinations to assess motion range and other factors, it became evident that this individual was grappling with significant and challenging typical postsurgical myofascial dysfunction, including but not limited to a compromised brachial plexus. In his testimonial, the patient referred to it as a major nerve issue.

I proceeded to implement the entire medical massage protocol that I teach in my program number 4, which you can find details about here: please click the link:

If you do not require a certificate upon completion, you can access the video-only version by clicking this link: European Cranio-Sacral Therapy - CEU Volume #4

Additional, to thoracic outlet syndrome protocol ,program number 4, containing frozen shoulder/rotator cuff medical massage protocol, protocols for tennis elbow/golf elbow, entire European craniosacral therapy for by mechanics correction, carpal tunnel syndrome, post-isometric relaxation techniques, as you can see it's packed with materials.

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