Lower Back Disorders - CEU Volume #1

Lower Back Disorders - CEU Volume #1

Lower Back Disorders - Volume #1

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10 Credit Hours
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First, let's carefully listen to the presentations of Daniel and Phil. Please click this link

Daniel reported three years of terrible, disabling suffering from pain in the lower back. As his doctor explained, this pain was the result of disc herniations, and if epidural injections didn't help, surgery would be necessary. However, the injections didn't work, indicating that disc herniations and spinal stenosis were not responsible for the painful clinical picture. My non-surgical treatment made a difference, and after three years of suffering and disability, he could return to normal function. The secret to this success will be revealed in the further presentation.

If we pay close attention to Philip's presentation, it becomes a real personal tragedy. I addressed his neck and headache disorder using the protocol presented in program number 4, and for concussion rehabilitation, I used the protocol presented in program number 15. For lower back disc herniations and spinal stenosis, I used the massage protocol presented in program number one. So, what is the secret key to success?

The main causes of lower back pain, including but not limited to sciatica, often involve cases of fascial/muscular insufficiencies. In the vertical position, most of the weight-bearing is carried by muscles such as iliocostalis, longissimus, spinalis, and QL muscles. When these muscles build up tension, they become insufficient to bear at least 78% of the weight. Weight-bearing is an unavoidable force, and in cases of muscular deficit, it gets transmitted and distributed to intervertebral discs, facet joints, and ligaments. These components, originally not designed for weight-bearing, are already injured and constantly exposed to additional trauma, leading to an increase in the size of disc herniations and spinal stenosis. Tension in the gluteal group of muscles, including the Piriformis muscles, can also contribute or  being the main first cause responsible for the clinical picture.

In program number one, in addition to teaching how to perform five kneading techniques, soft tissue diagnosis for detecting and eliminating built-up tension within the fascia, and how to perform Lewitt's post-isometric relaxation techniques, as well as active movement therapy for the lower back, I teach how to address all the main causes. Sometimes these causes, collectively, are responsible for the clinical picture. If you carefully view and listen to Philip's presentation, between the lines, you will hear a story about human tragedy and losing hope. In the end, his voice started shaking. An appropriately applied massage protocol can make a significant difference in the lives of people.

Sciatic Nerve Neuralgia

Sciatic nerve neuralgia is considered to be one of the most difficult abnormalities of the support and movement system. Clinical expressions of sciatic nerve neuralgia include sharp pain irradiating to the lower extremities which increases during any of the patient's attempts to move and of course limited range of motion on all axes and planes.

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  • April 01 2024 04:15 PM boris
    Thank you Michael, I am glad to be able to contribute.
    Best wishes
  • March 31 2024 03:33 PM Michael Devo

    As a massage therapist, I come across many instances of back pain. Whether it be sciatica,lumbalgia, piriformis muscle syndrome etc. I find Boris techniques and explanations quite valuable to our industry. I get lasting results using these techniques! Thank you Boris.

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