Volume #9

Medical massage in peripheral vascular diseases, hip disorders, tensor fasciae latae muscle syndrome, greater trochanter disorders, knee disorders, Achilles tendon disorders, plantar fasciitis, knee exercise program

Approval Code: 20-137736 Credits Hours:17

The variety of problems, which can be addressed by the techniques covered in DVD #9, gives a massage therapist a plethora of tools to add to his/her repertoire. Poor circulation to the lower extremities means poor circulation to the heart and brain, and can be a major factor leading to heart attack, stroke, etc.

On DVD #9, Boris demonstrates hands-on step by step protocol of how to treat patients with peripheral vascular diseases. Additionally, Boris presents hands-on demonstration of hip disorders, greater trochanter disorders, knee disorders, Achilles tendinosis and tendonitis, and plantar fasciitis.

Please take note that exercise program, which is important in achieving effective and lasting treatment results for the knee, and myofascial tissue techniques and trigger point therapy are covered as well.

The video clip samples below present only a very small portion of the DVD content. Each demonstration provides you also with detailed explanation on the topics. All protocols introduced in simple straightforward manner that allowed practitioners to rapidly learn and implement the presented material on clients.

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Reference Literature: Tensor fascia late muscle syndrome.

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