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Once, sports massage was the privilege of professional athletes only. These days it is almost a necessary skill.  A large number of gym and fitness enthusiasts who work out just as hard as professional athletes (and who are often become massage clients) need rehabilitation from their training/workout routines. Almost for three hours, Boris presents a non-stop demonstration of the scientifically designed protocol for post-event rehabilitative sports massage, including the deepest tissue mobilization techniques in existence.

The DVD also presents the sequence of post-event rehabilitative stretching for almost all regions of the body, which is critical for reaching results. Additionally, Boris explains and demonstrates pre-event sport massage techniques for the entire body.

The video clip samples below present only a very small portion of the DVD content. Each demonstration provides you also with a detailed explanation of the topics. All protocols introduced in a simple straightforward manner that allowed practitioners to rapidly learn and implement the presented material on clients.

Since DVDs contain educational materials all sales are final.

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  1. I need clarification on the question regarding abnormalities of connective tissue. How can I tell if I’m dealing with an abnormality of connective tissue?
    Thank you!

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