Volume #7


This DVD is really packed with information. Once, sport massage was considered only for professional athletes, but these days it is almost a necessary skill. The large number of gym and fitness enthusiasts who like to workout just as hard as professional athletes (and who are often massage clients) need rehabilitation from their training/workout routines. Throughout the close to 3 hours of material, Boris presents almost non-stop demonstration of the scientifically designed protocol for post event rehabilitative sports massage, including the deepest deep tissue mobilization techniques in existence. Also presented is the post-event rehabilitative sequence of stretching for almost all regions of the body which is critical to reaching full results. Additionally Boris explains and demonstrates pre-event sport massage techniques for the full body.


"I have been teaching and practicing massage therapy for over twenty years. All my experiences in the business of massage have allowed me to greatly appreciate what Boris Prilutsky has to offer. Mr. Prilutsky possesses a rare combination of both scientific knowledge and a hands-on application of massage therapy. His scientific approach to a diagnostic assessment before a treatment and his extraordinary skills in soft tissue manipulation put him on top in this profession. These educational materials are a true gift to the massage community"
Oleg Boumier, M.A., L.M.T.

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Post-event Sport Rehabilitative massage therapy (Advanced, full-body, deep kneading techniques: .wmv or Youtube

Stretching techniques on different body regions: .wmv or Youtube

Full body pre-event preparation sports massage: .wmv or Youtube

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