Volume #4

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On this DVD, Boris in detail explains myofascial tissue release in cases of thoracic outlet syndrome, trigger point therapy in rotator cuff/ frozen shoulder treatment including post-isometric relaxation for a range of motion improvement. With the use of a model, Boris explains and demonstrates in details how to perform rehabilitative exercises on the shoulder region. Also covered in detail is the treatment for tennis/golf elbow, including peristomal massage. The treatment for the pandemically problematic carpal tunnel syndrome is also clearly explained and demonstrated in the same detailed manner. Finally, Boris in detail demonstrates and explains European cranial-sacral therapy as developed by Bulgarian scientist Boris Ivanov, MD. This cranial-sacral therapy was named as a clinical bio-mechanic approach and is proven to be a powerful method for correction of spinal as well as whole-body biomechanics. This set of European cranial-sacral techniques, including scapula manipulation, spinal mobilization, and traction for the cervical and lumbar spine, can be offered as a separate modality.

Since DVDs contain educational materials all sales are final.

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