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Hypertension is a number one deadly disease in the US as well as in the entire World. 70 million Americans suffer from high blood pressure. Only for 8% of these people hypertension, the reason is known can be detected by a various lab and radiological means: kidney insufficiency, a tumor on the adrenal gland, or narrowing of the aorta. All other patients are diagnosed with essential hypertension, which is another term for with no determined cause.

On this DVD Boris explains and performs the step by step treatment protocol for patients with essential hypertension as it was proposed by Professor Alexander Dembo, MD, Ph.D., of former Leningrad School of Medicine.

As essential hypertension is one of the diseases caused by the negative side effects of stress in addition to the hypertension protocol, Boris thoroughly explains and demonstrates full-body medical stress management massage, including deep tissue mobilization. Here you would find clarification of the difference between stress management and relaxation massage.

Stress management massage protocol presented on this DVD is also accompanied by a neck exercise program as well as by myofascial tissue release and trigger point therapy. Each of these modalities is a necessary complement to stress management massage that prevents re-accumulation of tension in cervical muscles and thus is an excellent preventive measure for keeping blood pressure at bay.

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