Volume #11

Incorporation of Hot Stone massage in full-body stress management massage, Thoracic outlet syndrome, Rotator cuff syndrome/frozen shoulder cases, Tennis/golf elbow, Carpal tunnel, Lower back disorders

Approval Code: 20-137738 Credits Hours:12

Boris refers to this DVD as the jewel of the set. On this DVD, he presents incorporation of hot stones in treatment of thoracic outlet syndrome, lower back disorders, knee disorders, and full body massage techniques. In great detail he explains the mechanism of trigger point therapy and why not to use hot stone in trigger point therapy. Additionally by viewing and listening to Boris’s explanation you would understand the difference between stress management and relaxation massage.

The video clip samples below present only a very small portion of the DVD content. Each demonstration provides you also with detailed explanation on the topics. All protocols introduced in simple straightforward manner that allowed practitioners to rapidly learn and implement the presented material on clients.

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Reference Literature: Incorporation of Hot Stone in treatments of Thoracic Outlet Syndrome

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