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The Volume II of Medical Massage textbook is a unique source of professional information for everyone who practices medical massage. This book presents all major techniques and approaches developed by the Western school of physical medicine for the patients with variety of chronic disorders of inner organs. Each part of the book concentrates on a particular system of the human body. The reader will find information on anatomy and physiology of each discussed system, basic principles of diagnostic evaluation for soft tissues, pathology and a clinical picture of every major chronic disorder. However, the greatest value of the book is in the detailed presentation of the major methods and techniques of medical massage, which can be used to eliminate reflex zones abnormalities within somatic components by this addressing and improving ,chronic visceral disorders.

A reader will find every medical massage protocol ever developed, published, and clinically used by the Western school of physical medicine for the treatment of chronic visceral disorders. The book is based on more than 220 medical and massage therapy publications from the 19th century to the present, published by scientists from every major Western country.

The clinical application of each method, technique and approach is presented step by step with detailed explanation and rich illustrative material. To additionally reinforce the clinical effectiveness of the recommended medical massage protocols, this book equips the medical massage practitioner with a detailed presentation of the basic principles of visceral massage in the abdominal cavity. The book contains more 219 diagrams and photos.

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