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This online video file includes materials presented on Boris’ instructional DVD#1.  It’s perfect reference if you were to evaluate the DVD content before purchasing it.  If after evaluation you would like to purchase the DVD, we will credit you the cost of this video towards your DVD purchase price.

Materials presented in this video can directly improve your ability to help clients in pain. According to recent statistics 30% of the U.S. adult population suffers from lower back problems. Generally lower back disorders are classified as lumbalgia, lumbago, radiculopathy (radiating pain to the lower extremities). Boris explains in detail the causes that lead to lumbalgia, disc herniation, as well as sciatica neuralgia. For example, in most cases of lumbalgia, the origin of the pain is so-called mechanical pain, or myofascial pain which in time can become the main factor for development of intervertebral disc herniation, etc.

It is a known fact that the above mentioned pathologies are very difficult to treat by any means other than massage therapy. Therefore, Boris teaches not only how to eliminate myofascial pain but also how to prevent intervertebral disc herniation. Nowadays it is commonplace for people with cases of sciatica neuralgia to be referred for spinal surgery when really the main cause of the sciatica neuralgia is over-tensed piriformis muscles (piriformis muscle syndrome). Boris explains in detail and demonstrates step by step the protocol for various lower back disorders including sciatica.

Since 1976 this protocols has proven to be the most safe and effective. In addition, Boris demonstrates various massage therapy techniques, including superficial fascia release, deep fascia release techniques, trigger point therapy, and skin mobilization. In the post-isometric section Boris describes the clinical phenomenon of muscular/energy misbalance pathology, points out importance of addressing these disorder in the case of lower back pains and proposes methods of post isometric relaxation Lewit/Janda techniques as effective means in eliminating of this pathology. Exercise program is a very important rehabilitative effort to propose to one’s clients.

In the exercise section Boris proposes and demonstrates with the help of a model the sequence of safe, gentle and effective rehabilitative exercises in the cases of the lower back disorders. Boris also goes over guidelines of when and how to do these exercises so they would be most beneficent for a traumatized person. In order to reach rapid and sustained results the specially developed massage therapy techniques, including superficial and deep fascia release techniques, trigger point therapy, skin mobilization, post isometric relaxation techniques as well as rehabilitative exercise program are equally important components in lower back comprehensive treatment. After short theoretical excurse Boris proceeds to visual hands-on detail demonstration of the all mentioned above modalities in a way that make it very easy to learn.

To preview the video file please click Here

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