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Materials presented in this video lesson can directly improve your ability to manage stress and tension headaches, and is a great contributor to facial skin health and anti-aging efforts. These techniques are not a substitute, but are an important clinical addition to estheticians’ customary skin care methods.

Facial expressions are achieved by constant constriction of facial muscles. With time muscles accumulate tension and as a result we carry much stress in our head, face and neck areas. For example, chewing or masticatory muscles can accumulate so much tension that it will cause Temporomandibular joint or TMJ dysfunction.

Fascia, the outer layer that covers and separates muscles, also accumulates tension. Fibers of fascia don’t have the potential to constrict like muscles. Its tension is always the result of metabolic insufficiencies due to muscular tension. Consequently, the vessels within muscles are not providing the fascia with sufficient blood supply; in other words, the condition at which the demand of blood supply is much higher than available. Insufficiencies of blood supply to fascia are not only responsible for the accumulation of tension, but also significantly disturb the nutritional supply to the skin. This process accelerates skin aging, such as promoting wrinkles.

In this video Boris demonstrates various massage therapy techniques that release tension in muscle and fascia and that improve blood supply to all tissues. Among others, these techniques include superficial fascia release, deep fascia release techniques, trigger point therapy, and skin mobilization.

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