Plans for 2017

This year I’m planning to teach a considerable amount of workshops. The topic of these workshops will be ”The rehabilitation from concussions and the prevention of developments of brain dysfunction.

It is a simple hands-on massage protocol but it has to be performed adequately, with the understanding of the complexity of the post brain trauma conditions. Otherwise, the procedure will be like a bandage on a life-threatening wound.

To become a successful outcome oriented medical massage practitioner, one must not only learn a hands-on sequence of techniques but also acquire a deep understanding of details, including but not limited to the influence the human factor on a successful outcome and much more. I would love to see all of you at my seminars, but prior to inviting you to attend them, I decided to share what I believe it takes, in order to successfully implement this protocol.

Last year I lost the opportunity to teach an eight-hour class for a pretty dedicated group of massage therapists. When a seminar was almost scheduled I’ve got cold feet. During an eight-hour hands-on seminar, I could have, perhaps, taught a sequence of techniques. However, the hundred-dollar question here became “Is this enough time to prepare one to treat brain dysfunctions?” In the heart of hearts, I knew – eight hours is not enough. Therefore, I decided not to do the seminar.

A friend of mine told me that, as far as he is concerned, an eight-hour seminar often can be offered as an introductory to the topic.

This makes sense. Now, in retrospect, I think I lost the opportunity to introduce this wonderful, safe and effective methodology that addresses concussion. On the other hand, many would be able to see it not only as an introductory but as hands-on training. Then, with the certificate of the seminar completion, they would make an attempt to treat people, who could be in early stages, of dementia, psychiatric behavioral disorders, movement disorders, Parkinson etc.

Of course, during this eight-hour introductory presentation, I wouldn’t be able to provide the details of much-needed clinical wisdom, to manage the discussion, answer all questions, to provide a perspective in the seminar summary, and to spend additional time for my own hands-on demonstrations etc. Therefore, this year I decided that from time to time I would conduct 3 hr introductory seminars, just to educate on the brain trauma, process of brain dysfunctions developments, on factors that cause the development of encephalopathies, to present details on extreme role of medical massage protocol, including screening of my instructional DVD that including, detailed theoretical explanation, as well as step by step hands-on , to manage questions/ answers as well as additionally to offer my own hands-on demonstrations.

I believe that after attending these introductory seminars, people will be able to make an informative decision, to pursue training on the subject of concussions or not.
This topic became my late passion. Think about it! Using massage techniques, we can stop the development, and even reverse early stages, of dementia/Alzheimer’s disease, psychiatric behavioral disorders, movement disorders, Parkinson and more.

Please follow soon coming announcement on upcoming seminars. Looking forward to seeing you at my introductory seminars.

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4 thoughts on “Plans for 2017”

  1. Boris, I would love to learn this technique. Is it possible to contact the Las Vegas Massage Therapy group and schedule a seminar for us?

  2. Boris, I am very interested in learning this technique since so many people are challenged by dementia/alzheimers, psychiatric behavior disorders, Parkinson’s and more. I am a caregiver to my 85 year old mother who has dementia. Is it possible to schedule something with the Las Vegas Massage Therapy Group? Thanks for your consideration.

  3. Boris,

    I always get a lot out of your seminars on all levels. My only issues is you don’t teach enough! Please let me know what and when you are teaching.
    Also, I attended your Post- concussion class end of last year, and you mentioned you would put those students on your website. I haven’t seen our names on their yet. Maybe, I misunderstood?

    Thank you!!!

    Samantha Avery

  4. up. I do headaches, migraines, post whiplash and sports injuries all day. And yes, I would listen to you read the phone book, actually. Your techniques to drain congestion in the cranial vault have made me a batter therapist! Would you believe some teach drawing of the vault? Where everything is glue? A rgh! Just no Saturdays please my clients go nuts.

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