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Orthopedic massage/physical therapy aide & chiropractor assistants program CE home program

Dear friends,

Almost 22 years ago I’ve arrived to the USA. At this time not many massage therapists, physical therapists, chiropractors as well as medical doctors, knew about Russian Medical, orthopedic and sports massage as it was proposed by the Russian physician, professor Sherback. American professional societies have heard about the existence of this methodology, but have not been familiar with it.

At that time I was hired as a staff trainer by a large physical therapy company that provided outpatients and inpatients physical therapy services for practically all Los Angeles hospitals. Staff trainings included physical therapists, physical therapy assistants, as well physical therapy aids. Duties of physical therapy aids was mainly set ups of patience in treatment room, preparations of rooms and other help, but not a direct involvement in treatment process.

After taking classes with me, physical therapy aids, started to be more involved with providing hands-on therapy, according to treatment plans created by physical therapists, chiropractors and MDs.

A few years later I have opened a school of massage therapy, physical therapy aids, and chiropractor assistants program. Program was and is approved by California state agency that regulated vocational post secondary education.

This was the time when I have produce VHS that included basic training, in orthopedic massage, hot and cold packs, trigger point therapy, introduction to utilization of physical therapy equipment, exercise program, spinal mobilizations and several other modalities. Practically this tape included , hands-on training in how to apply mentioned above disciplines to all body regions, including lower back, knees, shoulders and upper back and neck. This project was very successful at that time and it is still successful today. The school still successfully teaches this methodology. Students graduate with the knowledge and hands-on experience in orthopedic massage and, at the same time, are prepared for a physical therapy aid or chiropractor assistants careers.

Many of my students continue to work as physical therapy aids, chiropractor assistances, in parallel with practicing as independent massage therapists. According to the US BUREAU OF Labor, in next six years the demand for physical therapy aids will increase significantly. Learning protocols from my video would put you in advantageous position to be hired by hospitals, medical doctors, physical therapists, or chiropractors. Usually these offices also allow you to see massage clients as an independent contractors. This tape was converted from VHS to digital files suitable for DVD. Soon we would offer orthopedic massage, physical therapy aid, chiropractor assistants home study CE program.

Please keep in mind that with program completions, you will receive a certificate that will include the title of the program you have completed as well as all disciplines you have learn. When applying for job, submission of this certificate would help you get hired, especially because you are already a massage therapist with experience who got an additional professional training.

Most importantly, the study from this program, will allow you to learn many orthopedic massage protocols, therapeutic exercise programs and more.

I hope you would enjoy learning from it. More importantly, I hope this knowledge would advance your career and contribute to your earnings. On the bottom of the screen you would find, my website address. You welcome to visit it, where you will find links to free medical and sports massage lessons, would be able to learn about my CE home study programs as well as live seminars, and much more related to our fields materials.

Wishing you best wishes possible,
Boris Prilutsky

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