Managing stress on your own


To all my dear friends,

I hope that you and your close ones are safe and healthy.

It’s a tough time. The time of much worry, anxiety, and stress.  We cannot avoid stress.  Rather if we manage it properly, we can avoid its detrimental consequences on our immune system and health in general.

We are all in it together and every little bit of help counts. I decided to remind you about the self-stress management massage that would keep stress under control.

There are two parts of it:

“Manchurian acupressure for tension headaches”

This is approximately 7 minutes of step-by-step acupressure, that is not only has a positive effect on headaches if it is present but clinically proven positive to affect autonomic activities. I highly recommend to learn these steps and to apply them approximately twice a day.

In this article

Rehabilitation vs Inhibition of symptoms

I explain, why these important techniques included in the treatment of post-concussion cases, as well as certain cases of migraine headaches.

To explain how to perform self-stress management massage of the neck and upper back click


If you would like to know more about the mechanism of stress debilitations please follow

this link 

To find out about utmost importance of proper posture in front of the computer

Click here


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