Dear Reader,Massage therapy is not a remedy for all diseases. Yet it is so powerful, that for the sake of one’s well-being, it cannot be ignored. Please be aware that we cannot rely on “feel good” sensations only. To achieve the best results, understanding concepts and following treatment strategies have to be understood and step-by-step protocols should be followed to the letter. Only in this way, massage therapy methodology will contribute to human health improvement dramatically. The simplicity of massage is learned by discipline, desire, dedication, and acceptance of the mission.

Hippocrates, the Father of Medicine, once said, “The doctor must be experienced in many modalities but especially in massage. Massage can cause tight joints to relax and loose ones to become stable.” Thousands of years have passed. Today we have much additional scientific data, clinical outcomes and experience regarding the power of massage therapy. This is not limited to the treatment of support and movement systems only.

I hope that with this book I will contribute to your inspiration, passion and love of this wonderful treatment method.

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