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Nowadays, stress is a real health hazard. According to many surveys and researches in average 85 % of annual visits to medical doctors are due to stress related illnesses such as tension headaches, clinical depression, anxieties, hypertension, muscular aches, weak immune system and as a matter of fact Medical Massage is scientifically and clinically proven as most powerful method in stress management, including elimination of mentioned above diseases. According to many publications in medical journals and other professional media pain killers, anti-depressant, anti-anxiety medications alone are not really working in cases of the mentioned stress related illnesses and must be accompanied by other natural methods of stress management like massage as it is the most powerful stress management methodology.

It would be appropriate to state that stress at workplaces is costing to the US economy $350 Billion. The most important question then is whether this huge investment really returns health and well being to victims of stress?

We are happy to offer you free self stress management video lessons by internationally renowned expert in the field of Medical and Sports massage – Boris Prilutsky. In most cases during few first treatments you will start experiencing positive changes.

However, because we’re constantly exposed to stress we highly recommend to perform proposed self-massage techniques at least 4 times per week. If you will have any question, please feel free to email us.


Practical Section

Self-Massage technique on Neck and Upper Back

Self-acupressure techniques for tension headaches

Self-massage for management of TMJ dysfunction

Self-massage for prevention of Tennis Elbow, Golf Elbow, and Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Self-Massage for stress management on legs

Self-Massage for stress management on chest and shoulder

Self-Massage on toes for support of Hypertension management

Negative effects of bad posture and correct posture training

Self-lymphatic drainage detoxification Technique

Self-massage for lower back pain

Theoretical Section

Workplace conditions that cause health hazards

The Mechanism of Stress debilitation of human health

Workplace conditions that worsen stress

Self-Massage and Fibromyalgia management

Extreme Importance of acceleration of lymphatic drainage for detoxification

Why massage therapy is the most powerful methodology for stress management?

What’s wrong “with no pain no gain” approach?

Boris’s personal story

Stone Preparation for Hot/Cold Stone Massage

A word about integrative medicine

Human body has an ingrained, God given ability to heal itself if it’s given a chance. Lately, according to professional medical publications, many leading physicians in the World come to the conclusion that in some cases modern medicine stands on the way of this ability, substituting it with manmade chemical and biological surrogates of health – drugs and unnecessary surgeries. This is the reason why lately more and more medical doctors are involved with integrative medicine departments and managing patient diseases not only by prescribing medications, but also recommending medical massage, physical therapy, acupuncture, clinical psychology etc.

The “drug” health approach was imposed upon our lives because it appeals to our flaw – laziness. Just take a pill and your headache or muscle pain will go away.

The problem is – it doesn’t go away. Instead, the distress signal that comes from an injured organ or tissue, is intercepted and the false one is sent to the brain – “everything is ok.” This goes on until the troubled organ or tissue receives irreversible damage and a person really needs a surgery to stay alive, otherwise he or she gets permanently ill, and often, because of side effects of medications.  Is there really a way to stay healthy in the modern world of super stress, mutated viruses, contaminated water and engineered food? Sure there is. It’s the way of loving yourself by maintaining your health.  Can this really be done?

Yes. This approach was known since long ago and was already taught the Great Ancient Chinese heeler Bean Que, who lived more than 2500 years ago during the Han Dynasty. “Nourishment of life and preservation of health should be carried out prior to arrival of disease, and effort must be made to avoid illness or try to fall ill on as few occasions as possible.” But staying healthy requires some efforts on the part of a person. It includes such components as right diet, moderate exercising and another huge contributing factor to your well-being – application of Medical Massage.

Medical Massage was developed through science and is so powerful, that for the sake of one’s well-being, it cannot be ignored.  Medical Massage, conducted by properly trained therapist, can literally reverse many of the modern social medical diseases.  To a large degree, similar results could be achieved by an average person trained in Medical Self-Massage.  Most of massage power is in preventing diseases from happening. Certainly, stress and other environmental problems of society are chronic. Therefore the health maintenance also has to be conducted constantly.
For instance, to neutralize the negative effects of stress one needs to receive full body stress management massage, at least, once a week. Understanding that people’s life is hectic and rarely do they have time and money for weekly visits to massage therapist, they have to, at least, perform fifteen minutes of daily self-massage to stay healthy.

Medical Massage is not a remedy from all diseases, but it is one of the most effective means of conservative, noninvasive medicines that everyone can afford. Boris is one of those mavericks who practices, promotes and contributes to this type of conservative, noninvasive healing.

About Boris Prilutsky

Boris Prilutsky started his professional career as therapist being at the same time high ranking professional athlete, experiencing first hand debilitating injuries. Since then, for last for 37 years he has been practicing and teaching Medical and Sports Massage as it was researched and proposed by famous Russian physician professor of medicine Anatoly Sherback. Boris has worked with Olympian athletes and athletic organizations throughout Europe, has been a personal therapist to many world dignitaries, and has trained thousands of therapists worldwide.

He is approved by national certification Board for therapeutic massage and bodywork(NCBTMB) as a continuing education approved provider. Boris has taught more than 7,500 students around the world and participated in multiple research projects and pilot studies devoted to the expansion Medical and Sports Massage.

Boris teaches both entry level students and offers many continued education seminars for advanced students.  But live teaching and seminars is only the tip of the iceberg.  Boris created series of instructional DVDs that allows him to spread the word of Medical and Sports Massage to thousands of people.

His home study CEU programs are approved by most Massage therapy boards. His YouTube Medical Massage channel is the most popular massage channel in the World. Yet his contribution to Medical Massage is much broader than that. Boris wants to spread his knowledge to everyday people who suffers from stress related illnesses, sports and job related injuries, as well to other origin of painful conditions such as arthritis, degenerative disc disease and more.

His “Self Massage DVD series” is the complete, scientifically based and yet very easy-to-study guide in learning Medical Self Massage protocols and follow alone with visual aid.

On these DVDs Boris proposes a holistic approach to self massage home program that in addition to prevention and management of anxieties, strokes, heart attack, sleep disorders, insomnia, tension headaches, muscular aches, clinical depression, poor quality of sleep, etc you’ll be able to prevent skeleton-muscular diseases including sports related injuries. But if you suffer from back and joints injuries or from painful naturally developed degenerative diseases and don’t have money and/or time for at least 15 visits to physical rehabilitation facilities his seven DVDs of self treatments is great alternative. Boris’s DVDs bring forward not only scientific validity, but also broad clinical experience of self treatment method on the level of Olympian teams.

Boris’ contribution to Medical and Sports Massage education:

If you suffer from pain in neck and upper back, shoulder, elbow, wrist areas, including carpal tunnel and lower back disorders, than self massage, exercise program and more techniques that Boris proposes on his DVDs can make a difference in your condition with the minimum investment of time and money. Click here to view the DVDs.

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