CEU Volume #6

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As you know, today on-site office massage therapy services are in high demand. Manage reduces the levels of workplace stress in employees thus helping employers to save huge amounts of money. An increasing number of corporations big and small are contracting massage therapists.

Usually, because of the inability to apply lubrication in an office environment, massage therapists are only employing chair massage techniques for the upper back and neck. But only the upper back and neck massage are not enough. For effective stress management, it is very important to perform lower extremities mobilization. Boris in details clearly demonstrates how to perform massage for the upper and lower extremities with the client in a seated position. In fact, Boris demonstrates a complete (full body) comprehensive treatment. To achieve this, instead of lubrication, Boris demonstrates chair massage techniques utilizing silk; an ancient old Chinese method of performing a massage.

Not always a massage therapist has a massage chair in his/her disposal. On this DVD, Boris presents an alternative/modified technique that allows providing effective treatment without a professional massage chair.

Also on DVD #6 Boris demonstrates and provides instructions on how to perform Manchurian acupressure for tension headaches. This set of acupressure points is usually capable of rapidly relieving even the most intense headaches. This short acupressure procedure provides benefits not only for headache sufferers. Those receiving this treatment without having a headache experience a boost of energy and greater mental clarity.

At the end of this DVD, Boris demonstrates the full-body techniques on posterior parts on silk. Performing massage on silk is convenient not only because a person doesn’t have to disrobe, eliminating the need for lubrication, but also allows mobilize much deeper tissue. Also on this DVD, you can find the exercise program for the neck, which helps to break the vicious cycle of accumulation of tension in the cervical region.

The video clip samples below present only a very small portion of the DVD content. Each demonstration provides you also with a detailed explanation of the topics. All protocols introduced in a simple straightforward manner that allowed practitioners to rapidly learn and implement the presented material on clients.

Since DVDs contain educational materials all sales are final.

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