CEU Volume #12




This approx. 4 hour DVD  is a real celebration of Boris’ many decades of clinical, research, and educator experience.

Trigger point therapy

Boris explains the causes for the formation of trigger points, the morphology of trigger points and offers the reference to trigger point therapy study.  He demonstrates how to detect acute, sleeping and satellite trigger points by palpation, as well as how to treat them by manual means. Note that it is impossible to reach stable and sustained results without trigger point therapy.

Myofascial Alliance Release

In this DVD Boris proposes techniques for superficial and deep fascia release.

Stress-Management Aspects

After learning from Boris’ DVD, you will never underestimate the power of soft tissue mobilization for stress management purposes.

Deep Tissue Mobilization

In this DVD Boris proposes four strategies for deep tissue mobilization.

Frozen Shoulder Phenomenon

The knowledge that you acquire from this DVD about “frozen shoulder” would allow you to reach sustained and rapid results in cases of this difficult condition.

Massage and Manipulative techniques for large or very muscular person

All this on 2 discs by Boris Prilutsky, MA, who has over 40 years of clinical experience in the fields of physical rehabilitation, medical massage, and sports medicine. All the above-mentioned protocols are introduced in a simple way, so it is very easy to study.  One should view this DVD’s written material as an educational text that helps the viewer to understand all aspects of the above-mentioned modalities.

As bonus material, Boris briefly covers several important modalities. It is the incorporation of hot stone therapy in orthopedic massage, Chinese cupping, on-site office massage therapy, back massage for fibromyalgia patients and stress management massage.

All protocols introduced in a straightforward manner allowing practitioners to rapidly learn and implement the presented material on clients.

Since DVDs contain educational materials all sales are final.


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