Neck and Upper Back Injuries




In the DVD Volume 1, Boris provides a detailed verbal explanation followed by on caption commentaries at the time of hands-on performance. He teaches how to perform region specific self-massage for Neck and Upper back injuries, including trigger point therapy, application of hot stones and ice massage, post-isometric relaxation techniques, and rehabilitative exercise. This DVD is designed as a home study educational program and contains theoretical as well as practical parts. It’s easy to study and you can use the offered techniques immediately.

If you sustain Neck and Upper Back injuries during sports activities, car accidents or work either caused by a repeated motion injuries like prolonging seating in front of a computer or performing any work straining the neck and upper back, this program is effective in helping one to feel better as well as in preventing possible developments of complications related to the original trauma.

Since DVDs contain educational materials all sales are final.

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