Post-Concussion Patient Testimonial

Below is a testimonial of my patient. For confidentiality purposes, let's call him Paul and let's call a referring neurologist Dr. Smith. By the way, in November this neurologist planned to do a presentation of this case at a big neurological forum. I will keep you updated. In addition to this case, he will present four more cases of post-concussion rehabilitation I have successfully accomplished.

The last three years I have successfully treated many patients and couldn't stop being amazed at their transformations to a normal life. Not less importantly, in connection with concussion cases, I am discovering unique facts. According to professor Dembo, during nine months after a concussion, unless hibernated neurons are not fully resurrected to a normal function, the degenerative stage will become not reversible and, in time, it results in further non-reversible degeneration and death of neurons/brain cells.

The uniqueness of the case that I am about to present is in the fact that concussion was originally misdiagnosed, and yet even two years later all the tests, couldn't support brain dysfunction.  Most likely if this neurologist wouldn't think clinically and act fast, this person would have been prescribed medications including and not limited to antipsychotic medication. In such case I can say with certainty, he’d never have his life back. When I saw him the first time, it looked very bad, producing an impression of a mental case.

Another unique feature, in this case, is in the fact that symptoms of encephalopathies, appeared two years after the concussion. Having in mind that in the majority of cases symptoms of encephalopathies appear during six months after the concussion, I believe all that we know today about this problem is only a tip of the iceberg.

The post-concussions brain dysfunction is a much larger issue than limited to American football and other contact sports only. The more I research the more I come to the conclusion that car accidents are a major contributor to this pandemics of chronic headaches, memory loss, psychiatric behavioral disorders, movement disorders and more, following by prescriptions/ consumptions of antidepressant, antianxiety, and antipsychotic medications, including many occurrences of a suicidal outcome.

Please read the testimonial below and post your comments questions, share your personal experiences.

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Paul’s testimonial

My name is Paul and I am a Mountain Biker. In October of 2013, I crashed and was knocked unconscious, separated my collarbone, cracked two ribs, etc. I was a mess. I was wearing a helmet at least. I woke to a man I didn’t know on the trail who helped me gather myself and I walked with him down the mountain to my car.

We talked the whole way and the birds in my head started to lift. He felt I was making sense and I proceeded to drive home. When I got home I called my Doctor and spoke with him at length and he felt I didn’t need to go to Emergency because I was making sense, but that he would see me the following day. He alerted me that if I got a headache, started vomiting or started to not make sense to get to an ER –ASAP, but none of that surfaced that evening. He did see me the next day and checked me out and determined it would just take time and rest for all of my ailments combined to subside.

Never having had a major head injury, I had no gauge as what to expect from the recovery. My shoulder and ribs healed and from what I was experiencing I felt my head injury improved and had healed?

…Time passed and by the summer of 2015 I had started to notice a strange feeling on the side of my head where I had hit it. It wasn’t overwhelming just a feeling that if I thought of it, I would be aware of a sensation in my brain, like constant intracranial pressure. Again, not having had a major head injury, I thought things like this would pass… all I knew was that before the crash I had no physical feeling like it?

At first, I noticed my typing changing and I was making many mistakes, misspelling simple words like; the and thanks, etc. Then, my thoughts started to get scrambled, I found myself losing a train of thought mid-sentence when speaking. As a teacher, it started to really scare me. I had some interesting conversations with my wife where I would insert subjects into a conversation that we were having that were completely off topic.

While riding my bike, my peripheral vision seemed strange and confined and depth of field was odd. I wondered if this was early onset of Alzheimer’s? So, I went to see my doctor and he suggested that this is probably related to the crash but I should see a Neurologist. That is when I met Dr. Smith. I described everything and he performed tests in his office including EEG and in the next days a CAT scan and MRI.

All of those tests come back normal but he still felt the symptom’s I was experiencing were the result of my crash. He suggested that I go see Boris Prilutsky who specializes in Medical and Sports Massage, particularly with patients that have suffered head injuries.

I worked with Boris initially seeing him twice a week for 5 weeks. After the very first session, just walking from his office across the parking lot to my car I felt much less intracranial pressure and incredible clarity and lift in my head. I looked forward to our next session, slowly the fog started to lift.

Boris explained to me, that special massage techniques for acceleration of lymphatic as well as cerebral spinal fluid drainage, leading immediately to this relief sensation, but most important he said, this increasing much-needed cerebral circulation. We tapered off the sessions to first once a week, then twice a month and now I see him once a month for maintenance.

Now, I have been symptom-free since I started working with him. It was only after Dr. Smith’s suggestion to see Boris and his specialized work and field of expertise that I was able to recover. I have many, many thanks to passing his way for the way I feel today, clear-eyed. 

We are happy to announce that Boris'

New instructional medical massage educational video, presenting the role of medical massage in post-concussion rehabilitation is now available!

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