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Dear colleagues,

We warmly welcome you as the inaugural participant in the revitalized Center for Continuing Education training in Medical and Sports Massage. Your presence marks the beginning of an exciting journey into advanced learning and skill development.

In our educational philosophy, encapsulated by the words of our esteemed instructor Boris, we firmly believe that there are no "stupid" questions. Boris often emphasizes, "It isn't smart not to ask questions." The dynamic interplay of questions and answers catalyzes advancing your understanding and, most crucially, refining your hands-on skills.

We encourage you to explore all our programs thoroughly and do not hesitate to post any questions you may have during your review of class materials. Your engagement is vital, and our commitment to your success is unwavering.

We invite you to delve into interviews featuring Boris, which may spark inquiries or insights.

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Boris's interview with Dr. Jessica L Kallio Part 1
Boris's interview witch Dr. Jessica L Kallio Part 2
Boris's interview with Dr. Jessica L Kallio Part 3 (Concussion)
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