Medical Massage Therapy

by: Boris Prilutsky

Massage therapy is a therapy by means of massage. Therapy means health benefits to the human body. Actually, Medical Massage or Therapeutic Massage means the same thing. It is called Medical Massage because the founders and researchers who developed this method called it Medical Massage. Medical Massage therapy is a very simple and side effects free methodology. In certain cases, it can be so powerful that it has no substitute. Medical Massage could also be called segment-reflex massage. To read about the history of medical massage please click here.

Medical Massage combines different disciplines, specializations and expertise. For example, Full Body Medical Stress Management Massage associates important methods in managing side effects of stress, high blood pressure, anxiety, tension headaches, ulcers as well as prevention of aforementioned pathologies. Orthopedic Massage is also a Medical/Therapeutic Massage that employs procedures designed to treat back and limb disorders that could be the results of sports related injuries, industrial injuries, car accidents and etc… Another area of expertise is the sports massage, including pre- and post-event sports massage procedures. Pre-event sports massage helps preparing athletes for better performance as well as preventing sports related injuries. Post-event sports massage is a series of methods that focuses on rehabilitating professional athletes and gym enthusiasts from the side effects of vigorous exercise and overtraining.

Massage therapy procedure, however seemingly simple, directly addresses all causes of various symptoms, and therefore produces good results. When muscles are constricted there is a significant deprivation of blood supply, which in turn, and if sustained a prolonged time, caused low grade inflammatory condition. Due to metabolic disturbances, this condition caused accumulation of tension in fascia, adhesions, as well as triggering trigger points developments. In order to sustain results, and make sure pains will not return and the normal range of motion will be sustained or even become much better, he must to continue to receive 12 to 15 treatments. This number of repeated treatments was necessary to reset and sustain the higher level of threshold of pain. Because he suffered prolonged time, repeated treatment also will help “cleaning up” phenomenon of pain sensitization. An important part of medical massage is neuromuscular re-education. To familiarize yourself with this concept please click here.

Scientifically designed step-by-step protocols are easy to study, provide faster and sustained results as well as prevent practitioners from aggravating their client’s conditions. Again, it is not important whether to call these methods medical massage, therapeutic massage or just massage therapy. What is important is to realize that massage therapy is a simple, powerful and safe therapeutic tool.

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