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The role of Medical Massage in stress management, discovery of sexuality, and improvement of sexual satisfaction

The most common causes of male and female orgasmic disorders are both physiological and psychological in nature. Among other factors defining such disorders are: depression, feelings of guilt, anger, fear, low self-esteem, anxieties, etc. Since all of listed factors are either directly linked or caused by stress, we can generalize that one of the major detrimental factors in couples’ inability to reach top sexual satisfaction, and discover the maximum of what sexual act can offer is stress.

According to many surveys today stress is responsible for pandemics of medical diseases, such as anxiety, tension headaches, essential hypertension, stomach aches, sleep disorders and more. Practically each of us to a certain degree suffers from anxieties, which is a result of higher than normal sympathetic activity.

It is impossible to get maximum satisfaction from intimacy, if to get satisfaction at all, at the time of high level of sympathetic activities. Sexual responses are regulated by the mutual activities of sympathetic and parasympathetic divisions of nervous systems, but under domination influence of parasympathetic division as well as involvement of somatic innervations. Even considering the differences in female and male reflex pathways before intimacy, and at the time of sexual activities, the functions of autonomic nervous system are similar. That includes blood vessel dilation, which causes penis and clitoris erections, vaginal smooth muscles contractions at the time of orgasm, as well as smooth muscles constrictions at the time of ejaculations.

In addition, activities of parasympathetic division of autonomic nervous system regulate digestive system, pulmonary system, as well as sexual reproductive organs. At the same time, it is the main inhibitor of over active sympathetic activities. When most of the parasympathetic potentials are directed to inhibit over active sympathetic activity, it is impossible to expect normal parasympathetic function at a time of sexual act. While as only normal parasympathetic functioning is necessary for sexual satisfaction as well as for discovery of sexualities. Also it is important to mention that under stress our skeletal muscles demonstrate higher muscular tensions, which in turn limit the range of muscular constrictions. Contractions of the skeletal pelvic muscles are accompanied orgasm in both sexes, and unless these muscles are relaxed, it is hard to expect full sexual satisfactions.

As you can see, stress presents the number of serious challenges to a quality of sex and sexual satisfaction to its maximum extent. Many people try to manage stress by being sexually very active. Factually it doesn’t work and causes trouble in personal relationship because in such cases and under stress no harmony can be achieved. The good news is… that it is clinically and scientifically proven, that massage can address and eliminate these challenges, but let me first tell you about another serious challenge to sexual relations.

Storing negative emotion in body parts.

Spending many years in a treatment room, at times, I witnessed patients’ seemingly bizarre behavior. While massaging an absolutely healthy, with no signs of pain, part of a body, suddenly, a person starts crying, shaking or complaining about cold in a room with 75 degrees temperature. Often in the aftermath people feel embarrassed and even ask for an apology.

Although science doesn’t have a well established explanation for this phenomenon, there is a working hypotheses described as “Body cells carrying emotional memory.” Negative memories stored in body part that started to come up to the surface. Crying, shaking or complaining of cold – all is expression of emotional release, accompanied by muscular contractions, followed by a relaxation of a part or the entire body.

Notice, incidentally, that some additional well known psychological factors that cause male and female orgasmic disorders are: past history of traumatic sexual encounters such as sexual abuse, rape or incest, or having been raised in an atmosphere of strict sexual taboos. These and many other negative emotions that people couldn’t deal with or chose not to deal with at the time they occurred consciously, or simply divert from our awareness without any conscious efforts, while coming to the surface at a much later time during massage session, case described above emotional outbursts.

Today many people in the scientific community are also skeptical of it. However this skepticism isn’t based on any scientific research.

As for clinician, witnessing described above phenomena in the treatment room, year after year, brought a realization that this hypothesis is a true one. In my book “Simple Approach to Medical Massage” I presented an example of how a heavy weight boxer – a World champion, started to cry during the massage session, releasing emotions connected with events that have happened when he was 8 years old. To me this is already not a hypothesis, but a clinically proven phenomenon and until there is major scientific study disproving it, I will keep it as working theory.

Emotions stored in any part of the body, especially in the pelvic floor, if not released, will trigger a reaction to a touch such as a constriction of muscles. Harmony as well as top sexual satisfaction could not be achieved under these conditions. Imagine that at a time of a sexual act one of the partners touches a part of a body while this body part carrying an emotional memory or a psychological scar. At the time when this happen a person might pay no attention to such constriction. But will such a person get a complete satisfaction from such an act?

Therefore emotional scars must be eliminated. It is proven scientifically and, most importantly, clinically that massage therapy is the most powerful methodology in stress management. In addition it releases emotions stored in body parts.

The simplified protocols that address this condition give professional outcome from the point of view of stress management, improvement of sexuality, and in discovery of sexuality. Rather than offer you a complete medical protocols I will combine different protocols of stress management, sports massage or orthopedic massage.

Currently you can rent a $2.99 video, devoted to this topic.”The role of Medical Massage in improvement of sexual satisfaction” To obtain results, fifty percent of massage should be spent on kneading. In this video I present a few easy to perform, various kneading techniques used in Medical Massage. But, as it was mentioned before, we alternate and Boris teaches a combination of different types of easy to perform massage techniques that include kneading.

Using these protocols you might not get results compared to what professional therapists would achieve when they perform kneading. Maybe it would take two or three treatments but in the end you would achieve desirable results in stress management and quality improvement of sexual life. I teach you how to prepare yourself for these emotional releases, how to hold hands on body parts that stores these emotional scars, and more.

One important advice if you are to provide therapy for your partners. When you perform a massage on your partner, try to conduct yourself professionally like therapy provider would. Your attraction to each another might compel you to do otherwise. It is very important that treatment wouldn’t be interrupted. These 45 to 55 minutes must be dedicated to treatment, and treatment only. During this procedure your partner will get a sense of trust to your touch and for a long run releasing bad memories and healing emotional scars would do wonders to your sex life. Your sexual act in the future would be much more prolonged; you would be able to pick up sexual energy from each other and to bring this to the greatest sensation possible. By managing stress and releasing emotions quality of your life including sexual life will be improved tremendously. Undoubtedly, your clients’ quality of life, including sexual life, would improve due to constantly receiving therapy for stress management. Just urge them to receive full body stress management massage on weekly basis.

You are also welcome to learn our free self-massage lessons. In the theoretical part, in details, I present a mechanism of stress debilitation of human body as well as explaining why massage therapy is the most powerful methodology in healthcare for stress management.

This link will take you to e-book where I demonstrate the full body stress management massage. You can also learn all 12 Medical Massage petrissage techniques.

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