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Does sports massage have a significant impact on the process of recovery after maximal exercises?
Physiological Effect Of Massage On The Human Body
Simple delayed onset muscle soreness
Do pain receptors exist?
Critical vs. Clinical Thinking
Body Cells carry emotional memories.
Manual Therapy vs. Massage Therapy
What type of massage therapy should doctors refer their patients for treatments? Part 3
What type of massage therapy should doctors refer their patients for treatments? Part 2
Self-TMJ dysfunction treatment page
Science of Sports Massage
What type of massage therapy should doctors choose to refer their patients for treatments????
Is massage therapy recognized as a methodology of treatment?
Orthopedic massage – the concept and strategies
Teaching master classes
Continued Education with Medical Massage and Sports Massage
High-tech life style side-effects are significant and must be managed
Lymph Drainage for detoxification
Medical Massage and Control of Arterial Hypertension
Thoracic Outlet Syndrome Relief
Science of Massage and Energy Work
Sciatic Nerve Neuralgia
Reaction to Massage Procedure vs. Aggravation
Medical massage in cases of bronchial asthma
Four Strategies for Deep Tissue Massage
Clinical Psychology and Massage Therapy
“Frozen Shoulder” By Boris Prilutsky
Should Massage Therapists Use the Term “Medical” Massage
Incorporation of Hot Stone in treatments of Thoracic Outlet Syndrome
Pectoralis Stretch
Massage Therapy a beneficial tool in treating Fibromyalgia
Medical Massage for Jaw and Joint Disorders
Keep it Simple
Massage and Stress
Medical Stress Management Massage Therapy
Massage in Sitting Position
Post Isometric Relaxation
Steps for Cellulite Reduction Massage
Tensor Fasciae Latae Muscle Syndrome
Hip disorder
Stress management by Physical activities vs. Massage therapy.
Does Sports Massage Contribute to Post-Workout Recovery?
My views on continuing education for massage therapists
The role of Medical Massage in stress management, discovery of sexuality, and improvement of sexual satisfaction
Medical massage Therapy
Kneading Hands massage
Deep and dark secret
Neuromascular Reeducation

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