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For a last five years I had been a patient of Boris Prilutsky. Previously to having received treatments from Boris my life was miserable. The upper back pain, headaches, anxieties, high blood pressure, sometimes used to dominate my life, including ER visits. The most terrifying fact was that many medical doctors couldn’t find anything wrong with me.

After one treatment session with Boris he palpated exact localization of pain, that lately I have learned medically defined as “Trigger points” and “Special method of trigger point therapy.” I also had learned that I was suffering from myofascial pain syndrome that in most cases cannot be detected by radiological means.

Today due to Boris’ treatments I am healthy person. All these years of my relationship with Boris I tried to convince and encourage him to create an educational videos and books, in order to give the opportunity to other practitioners to learn this method and to make a difference in the lives of millions of people, who suffer from side effects of stress, back pains and other debilitating illnesses.

His answer always has been that English is his second language and because of this his video will be ostracized, its originality and the message will be lost. He also stated that in classroom environment students see his demonstration alone with detailed explanation interactively, which is not a case in the video. I convinced him to shoot some material with a home camera and to conduct a pilot study by giving numerous practitioners to view the content of the video clips and comment on them. Twenty five of twenty five professionals, who participated in this study, responded that this is the most practical video material ever available to them. Also everyone commented that rewinding the video and listening to materials many times was more advantageous compared to the classroom instructions. On the question if Boris’ accent somehow bothered them, the unanimous answers was: absolutely not. In fact, some participants commented that the most important of the presentation was the content of the presentation, the knowledge of the presenter, and summarized Boris’ presentation as “a picture is worth a thousand wards.” After seeing results of a pilot study and talking with participants Boris was convinced that the production of videos and writing a book was a good idea.

As of today he has already produced 12 volumes of DVDs where he covered around 60 hands-on protocols for different diseases as well completed the Part 1 textbook on the “Simple approach to massage therapy.” I hope that you will be able to learn from these materials and this will enable you to help many people who desperately need help.

I feel that from this perspective my mission (mission is a word that Boris uses in reference to passing his knowledge) is accomplished.

Best Regards,

Michael Gaft


Driven by belief that people must know this method I not only did I encourage Boris to write this book but also volunteered to edit it. One of the Boris’ conditions was that the book must look and feel as simple as possible, as well his writing not to be perfectly edited, including even the placement of definite and indefinite articles. This condition is based upon his conviction that “too much editing” can somehow change the structure of the book. He knew exactly how he wanted his book to appear and warned me against editorial changes that could distract readers from getting the message of the book that is served in details. He also believed that if a reader will focus on finding grammatical, punctuation or stylistic mistakes she/he never will be able to study the book to the maximum extent even if it were written in perfect English. I tried to follow Boris’ request as close as I could.


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