Dear colleagues,

Please find below the descriptions of medical massage books by Dr. Ross Turchanonov. Dr. Turchanonov is a medical doctor with the PhD in studies related to medical massage.
For everyone who desires to learn medical massage, this book is a unique educational source, because it is written by a scientist who himself believes in and practices medical massage.

Dr. Turchanonov is a scientist and educator, but is also a clinician. Not only that he shares his knowledge acquired in a medical school and throughout his PhD studies, but also, most importantly, the knowledge gained in the treatment room. Therefore all scientific data you find at his 3 books, is not for a general education only, but for a practical use in the treatment room.

I often ask myself a rhetorical question: "If a professor, who teaches surgical procedure, could himself have performed a few surgeries; wouldn't such a professor be able to teach real surgical techniques?"

Massage therapy isn't a surgery, but it is an extremely powerful medical methodology of treatment, which can possibly prevent surgeries, rid people of painful orthopedic disorders, treat and manage anxieties, clinical depression, tension headaches, sleep disorders, help managing symptoms of fibromyalgia syndrome, allowing patients to come back to normal active life and much, much more.

Dr. Turchanonov's books are a great reliable study source; not only from a full-time scientist and a writer, not only from a full time CE presenter, but from a clinician as well. This fusion of expertise could prove to make a crucial difference in the quality of your education.

Boris Prilutsky