Video Encyclopedia of Medical Massage

Dear colleagues,

Fifteen years ago I was the first one to introduce Medical Massage to American massage therapy society at large and I am glad to be that pioneer. Teaching and practicing Medical Massage became my life long goal. Since my book is more about practice of massage then about a theory, it would be incomplete without me giving your a reference material, a collection of 12 instructional DVDs, that would validate all the opinion statements that I’ve made throughout the book. Below you’ll find the list of more than 55 topics that I cover on these DVDs. By choosing to study from my hands-on DVD instructions, you can be sure that you study from original source and from practitioner with 35 years of clinical, research and educational experience.

Why choose these DVDs instructional material?

1. This method is very easy to study at home, because of the step by step protocol design.
2. Some individuals learn material better in a classroom setting, and some learn better in the comfort of their homes using text and DVD’s. Also this DVDs should be used as video library.
3. Due to the nature of human brain, by viewing my demonstration multiple times you will adopt (copy) the details of the presentation, such as rhythm (frequency) and aspects of gradually increasing pressure, correct bio-mechanics and more, which can significantly improve the your sense of touch and will help you to prevent job related injuries. It’s like having a private lesson with me in your living room with the only difference that you can always view it again and again.
I believe that continuing education courses are fully dedicated to improve and complete professional skills of practitioners. From 12 home study courses, practitioners will be able to choose a topic of their interest in order to enrich their knowledge and enhance their professional repertoire.
My 12 Volume Medical Massage DVDs collection is actually a Video Encyclopedia that covers most of medical massage therapy scope of practice. Judge for yourself. The following is a list of around 55 topics covered in the DVD collection:
Lower Back Disorders; Disc Herniation, Lumbalgia, Sciatic Nerve Neuralgia, Post-Isometric Relaxation, Back Rehabilitative Exercises, Hypertension, Dizziness, Headaches, & Worsening of Vision (secondary to Vertebral Artery Syndrome), Greater Occipital Neuralgia, Neck Rehabilitative Exercises, Full Body Medical Stress Management Massage, Fibromyalgia, Pregnancy Massage, Acupressure for Tension Headaches, Rehabilitative Exercise Programs, European Cranio-Sacral Therapy, Thoracic Outlet Syndrome, Rotator Cuff Syndrome, Frozen Shoulder, Tennis/Golf Elbow, Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, Post-Isometric Relaxation, Shoulder Rehabilitative Exercises, Detoxification Lymphatic Drainage, Bronchial Drainage in Asthma & Bronchitis, Massage and Manipulative Techniques for Large, Muscular persons, on-site office massage therapy program: Chair Massage on silk, Chair Massage techniques in sitting position with no massage chair, Upper & Lower extremities massage in the sitting position, Manchurian Acupressure for Tension Headaches in sitting position, Post-event Sport Rehabilitative massage therapy (Advanced, full-body, deep kneading techniques), Stretching techniques on most regions, Full body pre-event preparation sports massage. Massage therapy for cellulite reduction, Chinese cupping techniques, Medical massage in cases of Temporomandibular joint (TMJ) disorders, Medical massage in cases of peripheral vascular diseases, hip disorders, tensor fasciae latae muscle syndrome, greater trochanter disorders, knee disorders, Achilles tendon disorders, plantar fasciitis, knee exercise program, Science of massage and energy work, Physiological effect of massage, Pathologies and energy work, Spinal mobilization and energy work, Incorporation of Hot Stone massage in full-body stress management massage, Hot Stone in Thoracic outlet syndrome, Hot Stone in Rotator cuff syndrome/frozen shoulder cases, Tennis/golf elbow, Carpal tunnel, Palpation Diagnostic Procedure, Massage Techniques, Drs Glezer & Dalicho maps of abnormalities in skin, muscles, connective tissue, Lower back disorders, Hot stone and Trigger point therapy, Full-body (posterior) Massage techniques on silk, Trigger Point Therapy, Myofascial Alliance Release, Stress-Management Aspects, Four Strategies for Full-Body Deep Tissue Mobilization, Frozen Shoulder Phenomenon.
I highly recommend purchasing the entire collection. Of course, you can choose any topic of your interest and purchase an individual DVD. Please be aware that doctors and other health care professionals use medical encyclopedias on a regular basis for reference on the various diseases that affect their clients. In our profession, not only we apply the theoretical knowledge, but also use manual therapy procedure consisting of hands-on techniques. Therefore, we recommend using this Medical Massage Video Encyclopedia as a professional source for hands-on practitioners.
For example, if one of your clients has a health issue mentioned above you can reference the corresponding DVD for how to best treat your client. Please keep in mind that all instructional material presented by me in a step by step manner with detailed explanation of technical aspects, pathology, and counterindications. Repeated viewing of DVDs will help you to adopt the correct rhythms of performances, application of right amount of pressure and more. By learning from my DVDs you will significantly improve your ability to help your clients and thus improve your financial rewards.

Who should study from my DVDs?

1. Any practitioner who is not scared by the words “Medical Massage” and who understands that massage therapist is a person who providing treatment by means of massage.
2. Practitioners who feel that they really want to advance in fields of medical massage; those who will use the presented material not only as a mandatory CE certificate but also as the means for extended learning.

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