The scientific community has given massage serious consideration only in the last 100 years.

As a therapeutic tool massage has been known and used since ancient times. The scientific community has given it serious consideration only in the last 100 years. Within this time, scientists have discovered many important factors that links massage with the treatment of multiple diseases. Most of these works are written in a very complex way and a massage practitioner can have a hard time extracting their practical benefits.

Thus, although there are many ingenious protocols that allow massage to have a pinpointed affect on many different ailments, for all practical purposes that are not accessible to massage therapist. Also, among variety of approaches to training and massage therapy protocols for hands on implementations, only those methods proved themselves in clinical trial that deliver results: such as less pain, improved range of motions, less sides effects of stress, etc.

I believe that scientists and researches should not only develop advanced methods of treatment, but also have a duty to present it in a simplifies way, adjusted to the average level of theoretical understanding indigenous to the majority of therapists in the massage field.

This approach of leaving complex and intricate details out of the picture and leaving only essential, easily understood and easily implemented information, I call “the simple approach.” I will offer a more detailed explanation of what I consider simple approach to massage therapy in the next post.

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