Technical steps for full body stress management massage – Stomach

1.   Confirm that at least 2 hours has passed since the last time the client has eaten. In the case that the client is female, confirm that she is not pregnant. Ask the client to draw up his/her knees, feet flat on table. Stand in front of the stomach, feet apart.
2. While tightly surrounding the shin apply consecutive hand after hand motions. Repeat the movement 3 to 5 times.
3. Continue this motion with Friction pressure.
4.  Spiral Iron – Left hand on top of the four fingers of the right hand. Begin at the navel, spiral motion larger to the edges of stomach area, then spiraling smaller back to the navel.
5.  Tuck thumbs under the palms of the hands and perform cross friction above and below the navel.
6.  Stand facing towards the client’s feet. Use the ulnar edge of the right palm and the fingers of the left hand to slice and grab diaphragm muscle under the left side of client’s rib cage in a hand after hand manner 3-5 times. For the right side, use finger tips.
7.  Stand in front of stomach and perform final effleurage. Return the client’s legs to the extended position.
The proposed protocol for stomach massage can be very beneficial for people who suffer from constipation. In such a case, you should perform the proposed protocol for 15-18 minutes. I highly recommend in case of constipation to provide abdominal massage at least twice a week for 4 weeks. The other full-body techniques do not have to be incorporated in this specific treatment. In cases of diabetes type 2, the proposed abdominal massage protocol could also be very beneficial. In such a case, in addition to full body techniques perform for at least an additional 3-5 minutes, techniques of step #5. Remember, topographically the pancreas is located under your hands. In order to stimulate pancreas effectively and safely, please increase the pressure gradually.