Technical steps for full body stress management massage – Chest

Please remember – when working on a female client, we should not directly mobilize the gland tissue (not direct massage on breasts), but we should try to target the muscular structures around those areas.
1.   Divide the chest into 4 lanes. With both hands perform effleurage starting on the lower part of the ribcage, and ending under the clavicles. Alternate effleuraging over the 2 middle lanes with effleurage over the 2 lateral lanes 3-5 times.
2.  Perform friction in the same manner as step 1.
3. While tightly surrounding the shin apply consecutive hand after hand motions. Repeat the movement 3 to 5 times.
4. Place the left hand on top of the flat right hand. Perform ironing Friction beginning with the lane closest to you for 3-5 strokes before moving to the next lane.
5.  Stand with feet apart in front of the chest. In a “hand after hand manner”, comb the left intercostal side from lateral to medial. 6.   In a “hand after hand manner”, comb the right intercostal side from lateral to medial.
7.  Stand above the client’s head. Perform reverse Friction by pulling from the lateral sides of the lower ribcage to the middle; then straight up towards the client’s head. Place hands one the lateral sides of ribcage and pull straight up over the outside lanes of the chest. (3-5 alternating pairs).