Technical steps for full body stress management massage – Back Thigh : (Hamstring)

1.   Please do not apply pressure directly on the back of the knee. Spread the lotion in a hand after hand effleurage manner on all areas of hamstrings (3-5 strokes).
2. Continue with hand after hand Friction (3-5 strokes).
3. Perform back of the fingers Friction 3-5 strokes. (Make sure to massage the proximal, middle, and lateral portions of the hamstrings). 4. With both thumbs under pressure, starting from just proximal to the knee, massage each portion of the hamstrings area 3-5 strokes.
5.  Continue to effleurage while changing position to stand in front of the hamstrings. While surrounding hamstrings with both hands, perform hand after hand effleurage (arms will criss-cross during this techniques) 3-5 times.
6.  Perform petrissage #1 kneading techniques on all areas of the hamstrings. Make sure to knead 3-5 times in each area of the hamstrings. 7.  Continue with Petrissage #2.
8.  Perform cross-friction action 3-5 times on the hamstrings.
9.  Turn your back to the patient’s/client’s head, beginning just proximal to the rear of the knee, ending by the glutes, brush the hamstrings hand after hand 3-5 times.