Can massage be promoted as detoxification methodology?

Recently I’ve produced a video “Can massage be promoted as detoxification methodology.”  In that video I talked about a specific technique on acceleration of lymphatic drainage.

In addition to the explanation on the technique, I also stated that the main duty of lymphatic system is disposal of metabolic waste and that, practically, all metabolic waste is toxic. I also expanded on the importance of incorporating the technique of manual acceleration of lymphatic drainage in overall massage practice.

I posted this link in one of the social groups, so that my colleagues could learn about importance of this technique.  Today we accumulate much metabolic waste.  This metabolic waste poisons us and it’s important to understand why?

Stress significantly disturbs the process of lymphatic drainage as well as it is adversely affected by engineered food and poor quality of water. In addition this nation is overmedicated.  During the last 10 years the quantity of narcotic pain killers increased 400%. Especially, this related to such medications as non-steroid anti-inflammatory drugs, pain killers and prescribed narcotics.  Again, all this is related to stress and metabolic waste that these chemicals produce in great quantities.

What happen when metabolic waste is not properly drained from inertissual fluid into the circulatory system?  The result of this accumulation is the significant drop in PH.  All gas exchange happens on the capillary level.  So the PH drop significantly disturbing all the body functions, including acquired immune system.  People get repeatedly sick.  The anti-bodies cannot work.  Many people experience symptoms similar to the symptoms of clinical depression.  This symptoms fall into the diagnosis called “Major Depressive Disorders.”  Unlike clinical depression, MDD doesn’t cause the drop in serotonin level. Another difference is that MDD is accompanied by a significant muscular pain.  This all follows from the contamination of body by an excessive metabolic waste.  In essence, large qualities of not drained metabolic waste increase toxicity inside the body.

Therefore the modality for acceleration of lymphatic drainage, that allows remove large quantities of metabolic waste and reduces the toxicity level, is very important.

I’d like to share with you the history of development of manual acceleration of lymphatic drainage method.  Twenty years of my career I spent working with Olympian teams.  Professor Chernikh was one of the leading researchers and clinicians and doctor of medical science.  In the former Soviet Union many doctors knew segment reflex massage as it was proposed by professor Sherbak.  The professor Chernikh was the typical example of such an enthusiast: great hands, researches, clinician – the whole package.

The sorts massage research used to tackle the task of improving the performance of Olympian athletes and prevent sports related injuries.  Every year we used to have camps in the mountains at a very high altitude 8000 feet and higher.  This was done with the purpose to stimulate the production of hemoglobin.  What scientists have discovered was that if you were to increase fluidity of blood you’d also proportionally increase the natural blood dope.  In general, it isn’t legal to inject this dope in blood.  But when it was done naturally, by increasing fluidity of blood, it’s absolutely legal.

In the process of finding out what factors could affect fluidity of blood, professor Chernikh came to the conclusion that by promoting lymph drainage fluidity of blood could be increased.  So if we would find the way to accelerate lymph drainage then we would increase fluidity of blood.  Thus when athletes competed, the natural blood dope was significantly increased and athletes performed much better.  In my video I explain there the natural physiology of lymphatic draining and the way how professor Chernikh took advantage of the natural process and developed this methodology.

In a few years after these events, he was called to a committee that investigated an odd phenomenon that happen to a group of researches situated in Bryansk forest.  Bryansk forest was the military zone where several scientific labs were developing biological weapons.  I knew this personally from the professor Chernikh.  All these scientists who worked in these science labs, got overwhelming immunization, but constantly got infected, which meant that their immune system didn’t work.  All of them massively developed depressive disorder and muscular pain. When the committee investigated this phenomenon, it came to the conclusion that the cause of the major depressive disorder and muscular pain was excessive accumulation of metabolic waste.  Combining this with the poor quality of water, food and tremendous stress (when you do something that evil it take a tall on your consciousness.)  In addition to other symptoms they developed edemas.  Analyzing all the above consideration and symptoms, professor Chernikh came to the conclusion that the reason for that odd phenomenon was excessive amounts of metabolic waste.   So when we administer manual acceleration of lymphatic drainage, we also administer detoxification.

Today we are exposed to too much stress that debilitates us.  Practically almost 80% of doctor visits such as anxieties, muscular pains, sleep disorders, high blood pressure are related to stress.  Stress is also the main contributor to the decrease of quantities of disposal.  Many people suffer significantly from massive depressive disorders referred by doctors and self-referred, who experienced muscular pain.  We can do petrissage and all other treatments.  But these treatments would be ineffective and people would continue taking anti-depressants and pain killers.

So the accumulation of metabolic waste is the reason why people experience all these symptoms.   Therefore we cannot move forward until we do manual acceleration of lymphatic drainage.  Especially the last 5 years, I assume that my patients have too much accumulated metabolic waste and therefore I always start the treatment from manual acceleration of lymphatic drainage.  Especially when someone comes with the symptoms of major depressive disorders and I feel that my patient has edema, I cannot move forward until I administer manual acceleration of lymphatic drainage.  Similarly for the people who don’t experience these symptoms but whose immune system is compromised, I also administer this procedure.  I also recommend doing this also for prevention purpose, before stress management massage.  Again this is not petrissage, it’s a very different technique and within my clip you can find how this technique should be administered.  We all have to learn this technique and it has to be on our menu of services.


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  1. Three paragraphs really hit home for me, number 3, 4 and second from the bottom. All of us consume too much processed food products and drugs. It seems to be “normal” now. Instead of treating the problem, we are trying to suppress the symptoms. Your words about the acceleration of the lymphatic drainage is spot on and more people and doctors should be promoting this.

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