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Many sports enthusiasts come to the doctor’s office with severe traumas that frequently require reconstructive surgeries. Most of the times, such instances are the result of untimely, not completed or incorrectly treatment of minor injuries. This happens because of the lack of financial capabilities, time, or a combination of things. People come to the doctor’s office and get anti-inflammatory injections; following this they use pain killers. Due to temporary inhibition of pain, injured athletes consider that at this phase, the rehabilitation is over and that they should continue with their sports activity. This is an absolutely wrong course of actions.

Medical Massage is scientifically and clinically proven as most powerful methodology in

stress management. Protocols of Medical Massage were developed by scientists and have proved themselves over time as safe and effective.To help sports enthusiasts in minimizing their chances to receive sports related injuries was the main reason for the creation for this series of Self-Treatment DVDs. With the help of medical self-treatment protocols athletes and sports enthusiasts could treat them in timely manner, correctly and inexpensively.Boris teaches the protocols that were developed by scientists. Not only these protocols are very effective, but they also are easy to learn and especially beneficial in a situation when a person cannot afford frequent and continuous visits to a rehabilitation facility.To take advantage of Self-Treatment protocols please
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