Massage in Sitting Position

Chair massage or massage in sitting position shouldn’t be viewed as a cosmetic “feels good” procedure but as an effort in stress management. Most people carry stress in a form of elevated resting tone within cervical and upper back muscles. Soft tissue mobilization on these regions helps reducing many stress related¬†side effects. (Please refer to the explanation on physiological effect of massage as well as to Medical Stress Management Massage Therapy text).

At the same time I strongly believe that incorporation of extremities massage, can additionally contribute to the stress management effort. (Please refer to Medical Massage and Control of Arterial Hypertension). Since a special chair is not always available, I propose techniques of chair massage with no chair. Please keep in mind that all proposed techniques could be performed in a chair. The picture showing undressed model is for better visual effect. In reality, of course, we perform massage on a fully dressed person.

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