Healthcare provider VS. Essential services

On-site Medical Massage program for corporate office

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Sorry guys. LOL. Again I am coming out with a long article.

Lately, I am literally craving for teaching, to do something positive for all. I have a lot to say and most likely for those practitioners who have the interest to read.

A part of this article is an invitation to attend my free webinar:

On-site Medical Massage program for corporate offices.

Here is the link to the registration

It is a program to study, mainly easy to learn hands-on, step-by-step massage protocols. I prefer to see all of you in my class and hope that all will stay focused during the presentation, and will be able to write down questions, preparing yourself to be recognized by your ability to deliver results.

I especially highly recommend you to observe my hands-on performances during the first 40 minutes, to listen carefully for explanations, as well as to read short notes related to what I am doing with my hands.

Thank you


There are many different sources of inspiration. For some of us to be inspired it is important to be recognized as a healthcare provider. Whoever follows my writings might remember this article

The recognition of massage therapy as healthcare methods of treatment


Below is the summary of this article.


There is a difference in the definition of what healthcare providers are depending on who is using this term.  It has one implication when used by medical bureaucrats and a different one when it stems from providing a cure for patients.

I consider myself, a hundred percent healthcare provider. I feel this way. As far as I know, my patients and referring physicians, recognizing me as a healthcare provider. Reiterating was said above, the capability to reproduce the outcome of massage procedure, make your healthcare provider.

All I have said in the summary of the article above, I believed then, and belief now:” the capability to reproduce outcome of massage procedure, makes you recognized healthcare provider. And no matter whether our client has insurance or pays out-of-pocket, the capability to reproduce the outcome of massage procedure, makes you a healthcare provider. Moreover, the capability to reproduce the outcome of massage procedure is the only prerequisite in building a successful career, including obtaining enjoyment and satisfaction from every successful treatment. The capability to reproduce the outcome of the massage procedure builds your professional reputation and prompts doctors to choose to work with you.

Healthcare provider VS. Essential services

It is comforting to realize that the attitude toward massage therapists now changed drastically and for the better.  As you know in California CAMTC certifies all massage therapists.  Recently CAMTC notified us that the California Department of Public Health (CDPH) has changed its definition of medical massage services.  According to the statement made by CDPH, Essential Services “Medical massage (massage is done based on a referral from a doctor or chiropractor) is permitted indoors at this time.” Also, CDPH further clarified: “Medical massage (based on a referral from a doctor or chiropractor) is permitted indoors, even if the county is on the monitoring list,” and that “medical massage is considered an essential service.”

Most likely CAMTC as well as AMTA-CA helped this to happen with some pressure from MDs.

Here is how, I believe, our services become essential.

In California, at the pre-pandemic time, many massage practitioners who worked with doctors received referrals from them. During the pandemics, doctors couldn’t refer patients to massage therapists, and they sure felt the void of positive treatment outcomes.

It was our treatment outcomes that prompted them to view our services as “essential.” Thus, most likely, it was doctors who put the pressure on the health department, to recognize massage as essential services.

This recognition didn’t come without a fight. Thirty-plus years ago when I arrived in Los Angeles I have obtained the only available at that time license of “massage technician.” Adding to a disappointment of the insignificance of the shabby title was the fact that my license was listed under the adult entertainment category.

It took many years of mutual efforts ad struggle by trade associations to separate the massage field from adult entertainment.

Now CDPH, recognize us as an Essential Services.

To consider our services “essential” is a very promising recognition.

Not only because medical doctors would see massage therapists in a different light and not only because massage therapists would get massive referrals from MDs.  The entire business world would have more trust and respect for massage therapists.

I’d like to emphasize again the utmost significance of that recognition! Imagine this… Only recently in California, the entire dentistry fields reopened, and WASN’T considered to be essential services.

Reality check:

Before the pandemics, 75% of doctor visits, used to be stress-related cases such as

Today, it is more likely that this percentage would increase and 95+% of doctor visits would be stress-related.

Can you imagine the pressure at doctors’ offices?

Guys, it is proven clinically, as well as explainable scientifically: “massage therapy is the most powerful methodology of treatment when comes to sustainable stress management. MDs, primary care physicians having the experiences: prescribing medication not really working. Patients repeatedly end up in emergency rooms, urgent care, and being hospitalized. This is literally a pandemic of sympathetic reaction that in reality only we can take under control and provide sustainable results. Please take into account that people, who work for big corporations, are a big part of these massive doctors’ visits.

I personally received many calls from MDs, begging me to start seeing patients. The answers to my inquiries were overwhelming.

This is why I claim that our services now, during the post-pandemic period, would have even broader appeal. I am predicting that the on-site medical massage therapy program for corporations would be in huge demand. Corporations that still need productivity from workers, prompted by a well-written proposal, would be willing to pay and a lot, for on-site medical massage stress management programs.

For this reason, I developed this webinar:

On-site office, medical massage program.

At this time, the “feels good” attitude and relaxation in massage chair only are not going to cut it. The program I offer would include chair massage, but its scope would be much broader. It would be the entire program of on-site medical-massage.

Besides medical massage in a chair, I would teach old Chinese methodology of massaging on silk, explain and teach the importance of lower extremity massage for sustainable stress management. I also would teach the protocol for tension headaches, carpal tunnel syndrome prevention programs, full-body massage using silk, neck exercise program, to sustain a post-massage normal muscular resting tone.

The course is composed mainly of hands-on nonstop training and step by step massages techniques, combined with theoretical explanations. Theoretical explanations will allow you to write a science-based, clinically proven proposal for the corporate world. Most importantly, it is to prepare yourself to deliver sustainable results.  This webinar offers not only an on-site office program but also a sizable set of massage techniques, many of which you could use in your office.

I understand the financial burden this pandemic imposes on everyone.  Therefore this webinar will be FREE of charge.

Additional important considerations related to the essentiality of massage services you can find in this article.

Coronavirus is not going anywhere

If one would ask me, if this recognition of essential services, inspiring me: ”my honest answer would be YES, it inspires me.”

Best wishes,



My managing company took upon itself the expenses of producing this webinar. Using the opportunity I would like to thank some “nonpolitical” professional publications, and other organizations, for agreeing to promote my FREE webinar. We need your support, individual the support of massage practitioners. Please share with other massage therapists, school owners, and instructors this invitation. Please promote this webinar to your students.

We will hold a webinar Monday, October 5th starting at 11 AM.

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